Charge Up, Ride On: Tips to Maximize Ebike Battery Life

Tips to Maximize Ebike Battery Life
Being electric bike lovers, we comprehend that a healthy battery is the key to enjoying those unique rides. At last, this implies a longer range without any concerns of battery emptying, whether riding pastoral sceneries in the park or navigating in the city on the way to work. The dream of all of us is to fully take advantage of the pleasure that is infused in electric bikes. Thus, thorough monitoring and servicing for all electric bicycle systems are essential. As we have collected a great amount of information on how to load correctly to ensure longer-time use, we are ready to pass on our experience!

Battery Systems: The Core Component of Your E-Bike

The core of your electric bike is the battery system. This system is where everything starts. It is what drives the motor and determines the range of your bike. This basic part however greatly influences how the bike is supposed to work. Liquid electric bikes usually run on lithium-ion batteries, praised for their lightweight build and high energy density which are two of the most important advantages of the battery, and also for their extended lifespan. Their low maintenance needs provide an excellent fit for users of electric bikes.

An electric fat tire bike battery ampere-hour (Ah) should be checked, as it is directly connected to the bike’s range. Let's say, the Vetanya All-Terrain Electric Fat Bike, with a Samsung lithium-ion 48V 20Ah battery, offers perfect freedom of movement, up to 90 miles long. However, we must be aware of various other aspects like rider weight, terrain, and assistance level along with that.

When selecting an electric fat tire bike, meticulous attention to the battery system is paramount. Opting for a bike with a battery system that matches your usage requirements is advisable. Additionally, considerations should extend to the battery type and the manufacturer's warranty coverage.

Maximizing Battery Life: Determining Charge Standards

Wondering how to effectively extend the lifespan of your e-bike's battery for optimal performance?

To charge your electric fat tire bike, adhere to these steps:

  1. Be sure to switch off the bike.
  2. Find the port for charging that is most likely to be on the battery or the bicycle frame adjacent to the battery.
  3. Connect one end of the charger to the charging port.
  4. Put the power cord in the outlet.
  5. Note a charger light, which means the battery is being charged.
  6. Once fully charged, the indicator light will turn green.
  7. Disconnect the charger from both the outlet and the charging port and ensure it is safe.

What do you do to keep your electric bike battery in optimal condition?

To maintain peak performance from your e-bike battery, follow these important practices:

  1. Minimize prolonged periods of full or zero charge, as they accelerate battery degradation. Avoid discharging the battery below 10%.
  2. Refrain from maintaining the battery at full charge (100%) unless gearing up for a ride. Opt to charge it fully only the night before or the morning of your intended ride.
  3. Charge the battery between the temperature range from 15-20°C degree. Low temperatures during charging, result in the irrevocable degradation of the cells, while an excessive heat exposure (35+ degrees) during discharging or riding can also be harmful to the battery.
  4. Store the battery at a room temperature of 15-20°C and charge it at 50-60% level when it stays for long time. Once every six months make sure that you check the charge status and re-charge if needed or as required.
  5. Definitely, do not do the recharging immediately if your battery is just slightly discharged.
  6. Leave the battery to cool down for at least 30 minutes before starting off on your journey after charging.
  7. In addition, if you went for a ride, allow your battery to cool down at least for half an hour before starting the recharging process.
  8. When using a brand new battery for the first time, use it up to 15-20% capacity, and then fully recharge (charged to 100%) it for five times in a row initially. This is critical to ensuring the appropriate equilibrium of cells and the BMS is performed in the battery pack.
  9. Don't charge the battery till 100% capacity, except in cases where you are riding for the next.

Preventing Electric Bike Battery Fire

Incidents on e-bikes are reportedly rare, but there is an increasing trend, especially as this kind of electric bicycles become more commonly used.

  1. Make sure the electric bike you buy comes with a certification from the testing agency that is well-renowned.
  2. Obey correctly the manufacturer’s guidelines for battery recharging and storing.
  3. To stop any kind of mishap or issue from happening, constantly use the cable and power adapter that come with the bike.
  4. Keep the electric bike charged you by not leaving it unattended for the whole charge, neither overnight charge it.
  5. Discontinue use of the battery and seek help immediately if the battery population shows signs of heating, odor variations, shape and color metamorphosis, the leakage, or abnormal noise.
  6. If the battery has a problematic operation and the device is inconveniently situated, pick up the item and move it away from the fire hazard then call the first responders.
  7. To keep batteries and handheld devices in good condition, keep them away from direct sunlight and at room temperature.
  8. Store batteries and combustibles in different parts of the storage area.
  9. I ask you not to use a battery that is not an original brand.
  10. Always position electronic devices away from pillows, beds, or soft furnishings when charging.
  11. Use unimpeded access to entering and exit areas in a building ; do not obstruct primary routes with electric bikes.
  12. Let’s be sure that kids’ bedroom and sleeping area are free of electric bikes.

Vetanya's Long-Range Electric Fat Tire Bikes: Power and Endurance

 No doubt, Vetanya's electric fat tire long-distance bikes have become a star of the industry, which is causing a great deal to stop and take an interest. Vetanya rests on the fact that all of Vetanya's electric bikes only choose 20Ah Samsung Battery. Let's discover together why it is the one stopping everything to serve all your travel requirements most outstandingly.
lithium ion battery for electric bicycle

Extended Battery Life:

Vetanya's electric bikes with big fat tires have really powerful 20AH Samsung batteries which allow up to 90 miles range per charge. An extra-long range battery makes sure you can go for a day of riding without being stopped by having to recharge.

Powerful Motors:

Muscular Geared Hub motors with 750W and 1000W power enable Vetanya to steer their electric fat tire bikes into astonishing terrains. Whether going up steep slopes or stirring up soft sand, our bikes deliver fun to their riders.

All-Terrain Tires:

Vetanya has its instances of wide and knobby electric fat bikes with the power to hold off any road or trail condition. Whether we conquer urban or offroad terrains, trails, snow, or sand our bikes have sustained us.